M.S. NE Plan I (Thesis)

The Plan I (thesis) Master’s requires 24 credit hours of course work and 6 hours of thesis. Students take the departmental core courses (listed below) and choose additional courses to meet the 24 hours requirement in consultation with their faculty advisor.

Core courses include:

  • NE 501: Graduate Seminar (required every semester up to 3 semesters for MS students, up to 6 semesters for PhD students) (1 cr)
  • NE 525: Methods of Analysis in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering (3 cr)
  • Two of the following courses: NE 511, NE 520, NE 524, NE 564, or NE 571
  • NE 510: Nuclear Reactor Theory (required for those students who do not have the equivalent completed in Nuclear Reactor Theory) (3 cr)

Master’s students submit a Program of Studies listing all courses being applied to the degree no later than the term before the student intends to graduate (form is located under "Academics").

Approaching the conclusion of the degree, students must notify the Senior Academic Advisor prior to the beginning of their final semester. At least two weeks prior to the thesis defense, students submit an Announcement of Exam (form is located under "Examination/Grades"). The completed thesis must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by their final deadline. The deadline is published on the Office of Graduate Studies calendar.

This is intended as a quick overview of degree requirements. Consult the UNM Catalog, our student forms page, and Graduate Studies website for more information.