Preparatory Course Work for Students without an Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Degree

Students without an undergraduate degree in Nuclear Engineering may be eligible for admission to the graduate program. However, they may be required to take some undergraduate courses to prepare them for graduate work in the department. Generally, these students fall into one of two categories:

1) Students with an Engineering Degree in Another Field
These students can be admitted directly to the program, provided they satisfy all other admissions criteria. However, they may need to take some undergraduate courses that are prerequisites for graduate courses in their field of study. This course sequence must be determined on an individual basis and will depend on the student’s background and intended program of study. The preparatory course sequence will be selected in consultation with the Nuclear Engineering Graduate Advisor.

2) Students without an Undergraduate Engineering Degree
Prospective graduate applicants from another discipline should meet with the Nuclear Engineering Graduate Advisor to determine a sequence of undergraduate levelling courses to ensure a sound foundation for graduate study.

Recommend Leveling courses:

  • NE 230 Principles of Radiation Protection (Fall only)
  • NE 231 Principles of Nuclear Engineering (Spring only)
  • NE315 Nuclear Engineering Analysis and Calculations (Fall only)
  • NE510 (Reactor Theory) Can take as a graduate student for graduate credit but 315 is required to take beforehand. (Spring only)