Every student who wishes to pursue a BS in Nuclear Engineering (BSNE) must be formally admitted to UNM and must select Nuclear Engineering on their admission application. Freshmen, transfer students and readmits must first apply to UNM through the Office of Admissions. If Nuclear Engineering is selected on the application through the Office of Admissions and the student meets the minimum UNM admission requirements, the student is admitted as a Pre-Nuclear Engineering student. Once the student has successfully completed the NE Department admission requirements described below, the student will be admitted to the NE Department and will no longer be in Pre-Nuclear Engineering status.

Admission Requirements for the Department of Nuclear Engineering

  • Must be in good academic standing (cumulative UNM GPA of 2.3 or higher)
  • Completion of a minimum of 19 credit hours of technical courses required in the first-year curriculum (see below)
  • A minimum technical GPA of a 2.5 and grades of "C" or better in each of those 19 hours
  • Completion of English 1110 (or its equivalent) with a "C" or better


Course Title


CHEM 1215 (or CHEM 131) General Chemistry I (or Principles of Chemistry) 3
CHEM 1215L General Chemistry I Lab 1
CHEM 1225 (or CHEM 132) General Chemistry II (or Principles of Chemistry) 3
CHEM 1225L General Chemistry II Lab 1
MATH 1512 Calculus I 4
MATH 1522 Calculus II 4
CS 151L Computer Programming Fundamentals for Non-Majors 3
PHYC 1310 General Physics 3
NE 101 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering 1

Attention Transfer Students: The Registrar's Office, in conjunction with UNM's academic departments, evaluates most courses for transfer, while the NE Department assesses transcripts to determine possible acceptance of any NE courses. Prior to admission, if necessary, students may be required to seek approval for appropriate course equivalencies from the academic departments outside of the NE Department.


Questions? Please contact our advising staff.