Academic Advising

Students admitted to the Nuclear Engineering graduate program are encouraged to meet with the Graduate Faculty Advisor or Nuclear Engineering Professional Academic Advisor periodically to review coursework and academic progress. Students who have obtained a research advisor through their Research Assistantship or by the Research Faculty Advisor’s approval should meet with them each semester to ensure academic progress. In addition, Graduate Studies assists faculty, staff, and student with the policies needed for your program requirements. Below are the functions of each advisor.

Research Advisor (RA’s)

  • Signs Programs of Study, Application for Graduation, determines stipend and/or tuition/fee payment
  • Recommends and approves graduate courses
  • Serves as chair on thesis and/or dissertation committee
  • Provides guidance on thesis and dissertation content

Faculty Graduate Advisor

Dr. Adam Hecht, Faculty Graduate Advisor
Phone: (505) 277-1654
Office: Farris Engineering Center (bldg. 119) Room 1180

  • Signs Programs of Study & Application for Graduation
  • Recommends and approves graduate courses
  • Provides guidance and assists students in finding a chair on their committee
  • Serves as their faculty advisor if they do not have a Research Advisor

Professional Academic Advisors

Krista Navarrette (she, her, hers)
Academic Advisor, Sr.
Office: Farris Engineering Center (bldg. 119) Suite 1200

Catherine Young (she, her, hers)
Academic Advisor, Sr.
Office: Farris Engineering Center (bldg. 119) Suite 1200

  • Nuclear Engineering advisement
  • Some policy & procedures
  • RA Contracts
  • Reviews Program of Studies, Application for Candidacy, and puts you on the graduation list
  • Provides some graduate advisement for general questions

Graduate Studies

Phone: (505) 277-2711

  • Approves Program of Study, Application for Graduation, RA Contracts, Certifies Graduation
  • Enforces all Policies & Procedures

Academic Standing

To remain in good academic standing students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit after admission to a graduate degree program at the University of New Mexico. A student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for courses listed on their Program of Studies/Application for Candidacy.

Campus wide holds

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for reading email

Students are expected to read and respond to UNM, SOE and NE related email and will be fully responsible if these messages are neglected and important notices and deadlines contained in these messages are missed (including messages related to applications, scholarships, internships, tuition payments and registration). This would include our Monday Madness emails that go out on the listserv or any BCC emails.

Students are responsible for utilizing appropriate resources

UNM Course Catalog

Comprehensive list of university programs, requirements, policies course descriptions and prerequisites. For more information:

Graduate Studies

The purpose of Graduate Studies is to provide structural support, resources, and monitor the academic integrity of graduate program. All forms, petitions, guidelines, requirements, and/or approvals are submitted through the Graduate Studies Office. For more infromation: