Safety Plans and Resources

The Department of Nuclear Engineering has several safety plans, policies, and procedures in place to protect the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students. Our department works closely with Environmental Health and Safety, as well as the College of Health Sciences to meet this goal. On this page are the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (BLDG 121) Emergency plan and the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Procedures documents. The Emergency Plan for the Aerojet General Nucleonics 201 Modified Reactor is kept under the discretion of the Reactor Supervisor and may be accessed upon request. Other laboratory procedures throughout the department are managed by the respective faculty members, audited by radiation safety and the State of New Mexico.

Students, staff, and faculty may sign up for dosimetry here:

Dosimetry is collected, read, and replaced quarterly by the department's dose coordinator. The dose coordinator works closely with radiation safety and radiation permit holders to ensure safety and compliance of absorbed dose in individual facilities. Dose reports are kept for the lifetime of the department.

Students who may be new radiation workers are required to take HSC 182 in Learning Central prior to being authorized for work. Students continuing as radiation workers are required to take HSC 180, annually, in Learning Central prior to being authorized to continue working.