Nuclear Criticality Safety @ UNM

Since 1973, University of New Mexico (UNM) through the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department has offered a variety of short courses and workshops in Nuclear Criticality Safety. In 1991 we became a bit more formal and decided the group of us working on the courses would be called the Nuclear Criticality Safety Group (NCSG).Our goal to try and expand our offerings with work towards getting more research projects in the area of computational methods and NCS.

The NCSG has provided workshops in Albuquerque and on-site at Oak Ridge, INL, Rocky Flats, and Sellafield, UK. We have also done research in the areas of computational methods, minimum critical mass, spent fuel storage, and reactor kinetics. In addition, many of you have read and used our primers on MCNP, DANTSYS, and KENO. Over the course of the years, this work was done by a small number of graduate and undergraduate students at UNM. The members change frequently as they graduate and get jobs in the nuclear industry. The two semi-permanent members of the NCSG are Cheryl Brozena who is responsible for our course arrangements and Dr. Bob, who is nominally in charge of, but not necessarily in control of the Group

The NCSG is here, interested, and capable of doing many things beyond putting on the 5 day short course (which according to the 1300+ past attendees we do quite well). My email is
busch@unm.eduand my fax is (505) 277-5433. We are always interested in your ideas for future workshops, and we have the flexibility to do most of our activities anywhere in the world. In fact, Cheryl wants me to mention that Europe and Japan are of our particular interest to us.

Bob Busch, Director Nuclear Criticality Safety Group at UNM.

NCS Courses offered in July

NCS Manager's Workshop • July 09-11, 2019

NCS Short Course • July 15-19, 2019

Assessments & Criticality Safety Evaluations • July 23-25, 2019

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Hotel Information
Rooms are reserved at the Homewood Suites • Albuquerque Uptown • 7101 Arvada NE, 505 881.7300 • $94.00 + tax. Please reserve your room early. Click here to book a room for the Manager's Workshop • Click here to book a room for the NCS Short Course • Click here to book a room for the Assessments & Crit Safety Eval Workshop. if you require assistance, contact Cheryl Brozena