Academic Advising

Students admitted to pre-nuclear engineering and Nuclear Engineering will be required to attend formal advising sessions once a semester to address questions or problems that may arise and to ensure that they are on track for graduation. Advisement holds are placed on a student’s record each semester and are not removed until the student has met with their advisor. In addition, Nuclear Engineering students must attend an academic-based workshop put on by the department. Students are initially advised by the Nuclear Engineering Professional Academic Advisor and then are assigned to a Faculty Advisor once they have been admitted to the department.


The mission of Advisement at The University of New Mexico is to provide student-centered support and services that include collaborative strategies that empower students to excel in their academic and professional aspirations as well as provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and training that foster responsibility for their academic success.

COVID-19 Advisement Update for student Appointments

The Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering and the Department of Nuclear Engineering are putting the following safety preventative measures in place to ensure the health of our staff and students: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be modifying our in-person advisement appointments. Student appointments will now be conducted via ZOOM or by email. We will NOT hold regular walk-in hours on Fridays or any in-person appointments until further notice. You are still encouraged to email Krista ( if you have any questions.

After you have made an appointment for ZOOM Advisement in LoboAchieve, Krista will email you a calendar invite for the ZOOM meeting. The calendar invite will be sent to you no later than the day before your appointment. The calendar invite will be sent to your UNM email account only. It will include the link to join the ZOOM meeting as well as the phone number to call if you need to call into the ZOOM meeting rather than joining by web link.

NOTE: Even though this session is marked as a "Video Meeting" and indicates that it is only a "Videoconference" that doesn't necessarily have to be the case if you don't have a webcam. We are using ZOOM for these appointments and ZOOM can be accessed from your computer or your phone and doesn't have to involve a video chat. It can also act as a phone call.

Advisor Information

Krista Navarrette (she, her, hers)
Undergraduate & Graduate Advisor
Office: Farris Engineering Center (bldg. 119) Suite 1200

Sarah E. Dominguez (she, her, hers)
Pre-Nuclear Engineering
Office: Farris Engineering Center (bldg. 119) Suite 1200

Schedule appointments with your advisor through LoboAchieve. Students have 24/7 access to advisor calendars in LoboAchieve. Please download the guide to scheduling an appointment through LoboAchieve!

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Advisement Types

Pre-Nuclear Engineering Advisement may be completed with Krista Navarrette or Sarah E. Dominguez and is mandatory each fall and spring semester. Advisement holds are placed onto students' accounts in early September and in early February. For fall advisement, we encourage students to complete advisement in October or early November. For spring advisement, we encourage students to complete advisement in March or early April. To schedule an appointment to meet with Sarah or Krista, please use your LoboAchieve account.

Nuclear Engineering Major Advisement may be completed by your assigned faculty advisor. Advisement holds are placed onto students' accounts in early September and in early February. For fall advisement, we encourage students to complete advisement in October or early November. For spring advisement, we encourage students to complete advisement in March or early April. To schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor please email them directly and make sure to fill out your NE Advisement Form found on the Student Forms page.

Prospective Students - UNM Students Current UNM students that are considering or would like to change their major to Nuclear Engineering should schedule an appointment using LoboAchieve to meet with Krista Navarrette or Sarah Dominguez. To schedule this appointment in LoboAchieve, students will need to click on "ADVISING OFFICES" at the top of their LoboAchieve account and then search for Sarah or Krista by name. Click on "SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT" in the School of Engineering Academic Advisement (SOE) box. Unselect all the names of the available advisors and then click on the boxes next to Krista and Sarah's names to view available appointment times for Krista and Sarah.

Prospective Students - Non-UNM Students Please send an email to Krista Navarrette ( or Sarah E. Dominguez ( to request an appointment to meet for advisement.

Nuclear Engineering Advisement Hold Descriptions

  • Freshman Learning Workshop is required in your first semester. These are held in late September/early October.
  • Program Orientation is required upon admission to Nuclear Engineering (NE).
  • Plan of Study (pre-majors) is required one on one appointments each semester through with Krista ( or Sarah (
  • Plan of Study (Admitted to NE) is required meeting with your assigned faculty (email faculty to set time/date)
  • Graduation Planning Workshop is required during your Junior year of the NE program. You are required to attend a group meeting to review graduation requirements and apply to graduate!

Students will receive an email instructing them which advisement activity they should attend each semester based on where they are in the curriculum.

SOE Holds/Academic Review

SOE holds are related to Academic Standing. View SOE academic standing information

  • Probation occurs when the student's cumulative GPA fell below the required standard. MUST meet with an academic advisor for the major. View academic success packet
  • Suspension occurs when the student's cumulative GPA remained below standard. Must select a new major upon return.
  • Dismissal occurs when the student is not meeting academic requirements for SOE must select a new major

Campus-wide holds

Holds are placed on student accounts to prevent registration and access to transcripts until a required action is complete. You can view your holds in LoboWeb by selecting “check my registration status”.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for reading email

Students are expected to read and respond to UNM, SOE, and NE related email and will be fully responsible if these messages are neglected and important notices and deadlines contained in these messages are missed (including messages related to applications, scholarships, internships, tuition payments, and registration). This would include our Monday Madness emails that go out on the listserv.

Students are responsible for utilizing appropriate resources

UNM Course Catalog

Comprehensive list of university programs, requirements, policies course descriptions, and prerequisites. For more information:

LOBO Trax Degree Audit

LOBO Trax report is an interactive course planning tool. The report will tell you what you have already completed, what you have left to do to complete your degree, and if you are a transfer student the transfer credit that has been accepted towards your degree. This is the tool we use every day and what we use to graduate you.

UNM Gen Ed

Complementing the major, Gen Ed courses provide a set of strategies: communication, critical thinking, information analysis, quantitative skills, responsibility towards local and global communities. Students develop these strategies from different angles by taking one or more courses (usually numbered at the 1000- and 2000-levels) in each of the areas of study of the General Education curriculum. Always ask an advisor if you are not sure. You have 24/7 access to schedule appointments or view our walk-in hours.

Global Diversity & Inclusion Undergraduate Requirement

The Division for Equity and Inclusion posits that inclusive excellence requires a healthy and inclusive campus climate and refers to the processes by which the university leverages diversity as its’ strength to enhance an understanding and connection with diverse communities, ensure the success of all UNM students, and advance the academic enterprise. For more information: