Chair's Message

Anil K. Prinja, Interim Chair and Professor

Anil K. Prinja
Chair and Distinguished Professor

I am honored to serve as the Chair of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at UNM. Although we are new in name, nuclear engineering has had a continuous presence at UNM for a half-century! The department offers an ABET accredited B.S. degree and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Nuclear Engineering as well as M.S. level concentrations in Medical Physics and Radiation Protection and Engineering. We are the only Department of Nuclear Engineering in the State of New Mexico and one of only a handful offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in nuclear engineering in the Southwestern and Western US.

With our AGN-201R low-power reactor, radiation measurements and detection laboratory, fluids and thermal-hydraulics laboratories, and high performance computing facilities, used for teaching and research, along with enthusiastic, highly engaged and accessible faculty, we offer a rigorous but well-rounded educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to taking diverse classes in the science and technology that underpins the nuclear engineering discipline, students are heavily engaged with faculty on exciting research projects, supported through a broad range of Scholarships, Fellowships, Research and Teaching Assistantships. Students also have access to internships with the diverse local industry.

Our internationally recognized award winning faculty conduct cutting-edge externally funded research in important sub-disciplines of nuclear engineering that include nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics, reactor physics, nuclear instrumentation, and radiation transport theory and computations, with application to reactor design and safety, nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards, space nuclear reactors, and advanced modeling and simulation. Our historically strong ties with Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Air Force Research Laboratory provides rich opportunities for research collaboration with staff at these institutions as well as summer internships for graduate students.

The launch of our new department at this time is propitious given the nuclear renaissance that is sweeping the globe. The international growth in nuclear power has created an unprecedented demand for nuclear engineers, and the department is poised to respond to his challenge by building on the existing solid foundation to increase enrollments, add new faculty, expand existing research programs and grow novel programs. The multidisciplinary background that a degree in nuclear engineering from UNM provides opens up diverse opportunities for exciting and well paying jobs in nuclear power, nuclear security, defense, and medical fields in industry, national laboratories, federal government, and academia.

I invite you to browse the pages on this website that contains a wealth of information about the nuclear engineering program and the students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the department.