Helpful Resources

Procedures, Forms, and Deadlines -- Information below is under review

As an NE graduate student, you will find the following department resources very valuable as you begin and continue through your degree program.

These handouts outline all the necessary procedures, forms, and deadlines that graduate students must complete and meet. The handouts go step-by-step so you can follow the timeframe easily. Also provided are locations on the UNM web where you can find the forms.

Master’s Students Procedures, Forms, and Deadlines 

PhD Students Procedures, Forms, and Deadlines

Departmental Intent to Graduate  

In order for the department to list a student on the official OGS graduation list, graduate students must complete a Departmental Intent to Graduate form prior to the semester in which they intend to graduate and submit it to the Coordinator of Program Advisement.

Developing Graduate Research Proposals 

Identifying a research topic, performing the appropriate research and writing a project/thesis/dissertation is one of the most under estimated requirements associated with a graduate degree. This publication will help you consider those decisions.