Seminar Series

2018 Spring Seminar Series

Seminars are held on Tuesday at 2:00 pm in Mechanical Engineering (MECH) room 310.
Topical seminars are scheduled throughout the semester and can be used for seminar credit.

Full time, onsite students are required to attend every seminar that is scheduled. The seminars are posted on the department website (, which students should consult regularly. The number of seminars each semester is typically in the 10 - 12 range. If a seminar is missed, advance notification must be provided to Elaine Finke (, who compiles the final grade for the class based on number of seminars attended, and can be made up by either attending a seminar in a related field in another department or getting credit for participation in a conference or workshop.

Offsite students at the national labs or part-time students holding full time jobs are required to attend 8 seminars.

Seminar questions contact: Elaine Finke • or 505.277.2692

January 16, 2018 • First week of classes • No Seminar

January 23, 2018
host •

January 30, 2018
Thermal Shock Reduction in Materials Using Surface Modification
Divya Jyoti Prakash
Application of Machine Learning for Prediction of Critical Heat Flux
Mingfu He
host • Youho Lee

February 6, 2018
Considerations of Neutron Populations in Stochastic Multiplying Media
Patrick O'Rourke
Brief Look at FREYA and CGMF Fission Event Simulators on the K Eigenvalue
Daniel Timmons
host • Anil K. Prinja

February 13, 2018
Development of a Novel Framework for the Application of Signature Based Safeguards (SBS) to Pyroprocessing
Philip Lafreniere
host • Youho Lee

February 20, 2018
An Application of Stochastic Modeling to Pitting of Spent Nuclear Fuel Canisters
Dr. Zeev Shayer, Colorado School of Mines
host • Anil K. Prinja

February 27, 2018
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Science and Engineering for National Security in the 21st Century
Dr. Erik Shores, Los Alamos National Laboratory
host • Anil K. Prinja

March 6, 2018
Mechanical and Elastic Properties of Advanced Nuclear Fuels
Dr. Ursula Carvajal Nunez, Los Alamos National Laboratory
host • Osman Anderoglu

March 13, 2018 • Spring Break, No Seminar

March 20, 2018
Nuclear Activation Analysis and Its Applications

Dr. Zaijing Sun, South Carolina State University - Faculty Candidate
host • Anil K. Prinja

March 27, 2018
host •

April 3, 2018
host •

April 10, 2018
host •

April 17, 2018
Dr. Yousry Y. Azmy, North Carolina State University
host • Anil K. Prinja

April 24, 2018 • Academic Program Review, No Seminar

May 1, 2018
Dr. Nicholas Brown, Penn State University
host • Youho Lee